Ridge Road Development

Ridge Road DevelopmentIt is clear from this latest image of this new construction on Ridge Road that if GOP Councilman Dan Pronti remains in office, North Arlington’s small town charm will diminish rapidly over time!

It is ironic that last week MONEY named North Arlington the 8th Best Place to Live in America based on the community’s current low crime and suburban style charm.

One wonders if MONEY was even aware of this kind of explosive development that is clearly out of touch with the mass, scale and character of the rest of Ridge Road as well as North Arlington!

It appears that with all the new construction and proposed construction, literally hundreds of new residents will be moving to North Arlington as Ridge Road will be transformed into an extension of Hudson County!

The MONEY designation practically makes the case for the ticket of Tom Zammatore and Kelly Velez who are the Democratic nominees for Borough Council that retaining a small town character is at the core why NA has been recognized in the first place!

“For years NA Democrats have run under the slogan of keeping North Arlington small, safe and suburban. The MONEY designation seems to suggest that what is best about NA is the fact it is currently small, safe and suburban,” said one individual when asked to comment.

Dan Pronti seems to disagree.

As this mega-apartment complex continues to take shape, many are wondering what will be the impact of a large multiple dwelling on traffic, parking and our local schools.

“Being literally across the street from NAHS is certainly a selling point for someone with a teenage child. What will be the impact on school taxes and will the revenue generated from this complex offset those new costs?” questioned one homeowner when asked to comment.

There is no data that talks about the impact on services and taxes with a huge proliferation of new residents primarily from more apartments in North Arlington.

Many are wondering why?

Republican Dan Pronti, who has raised NA Property Taxes four times in four years is a local real estate agent who supports this rapid growth along Ridge Road that has many longtime residents both homeowners and tenants very worried.

Former Councilman Thomas Zammatore, an attorney and homeowner questioned the viability of the development and opposed the project due to the lack of sufficient parking which has become a major issue in this year’s council race. Zammatore and running-mate Kelly Velez are challenging GOP incumbents Pronti & Karcic who have collectively raised Property Taxes six times!

Karcic was defeated in 2016 for reelection primarily on his continued support of this radical reassessment of every NA home that has residents in an uproar!

Many believe this election is crucial to the direction of North Arlington, especially in-wake of the closure of Queen of Peace High School and the future of that large parcel of property in the middle of North Arlington.

Again, what is the plan for QPHS and why is Dan Pronti so silent?

No one seems to know what will be the fate of that property now dormant for the first time in nearly eight decades.

To date, plans have not been announced as to the future development of that site which has area homeowners concerned and cautious.

Why no announcement?

Are they waiting til after the election again like they did with the reassessment?

Local Republicans historically have supported high density redevelopers and developments like the failed EnCap project of a decade ago.

Many residents are worried why the Republican Administration has not announced or indicated to the public the plans for QPHS.

One wonders how anyone can seek reelection knowing the community’s opposition to this radical reassessment and not disclose what is going to happen to the Queen of Peace High School site.

Democrats have questioned the practicality of the Borough’s current redevelopment efforts and many believe a different approach is necessary if North Arlington is going to maintain its small-town image as promoted in the MONEY designation.

NA Today has learned other proposals and projects are now possible and could be coming before the Governing Body that may further spike the Borough’s population and thus increase infrastructure costs and ultimately lead to more municipal spending and even higher property taxes!

If there was an actual debate between Mr. Zammatore and Councilman Pronti, maybe residents would actually know what is happening to that property and they Mr. Pronti is seemingly obsessed with all this density along Ridge Road.