Two reasons why Chris Johnson and Jon Kearney need to be replaced with Al Granell and Tom Zammatore

Chris Johnson, Jon Kearney, 2012 North Arlington Council


Three years ago the Republican ticket said there were two reasons to believe in North Arlington.


Chris Johnson and Jon Kearney.


Fair enough, but three years later what have they done to keep your confidence?


Not much.


In fact, nothing at all!


More taxes, more spending, more borrowing and a further expansion of the size and scope of local government is the legacy of both Johnson and Kearney.


In fact, here is a direct quote taken from a 2009 campaign flyer paid for by the Republicans:


"Over the last few years, Jon has witnessed the explosive growth of taxes here in town. Realizing that the skyrocketing costs are reaching a near crisis level. he felt compelled to step forward this year and serve the community as Republican council candidate."


In 2008 and 2009 property taxes increased a mere two percent. The lowest in all of Bergen County.


What is Kearney talking about?


But more importantly Jon Kearney has now raised taxes three times in three years and broke his promise to lower taxes along with Chris Johnson three years ago.


Here's what candidate Johnson stated in the same campaign flyer three years ago:


"Eight years is enough. Our residents have given more and gotten less, and this must stop!"


Al Granell had served a single term of just three years, holding taxes stable for two of the three years. Chris Johnson like Jon Kearney has voted to raise taxes three times as well!


The own words, promises and pledges of the incumbents only confirms they lied to the public and to themselves.


If a voter needed a reason not to vote for either Johnson or Kearney, this is it.


Al Granell and Tom Zammatore offer voter the best alternative to get North Arlington on the right track. The words of their opponents only confirm that fact.