Dan Pronti

Dan Pronti can have his own ideas and opinions, but he can’t have his own set of facts!

Dan ProntiThe fact is Councilman Dan Pronti has raised North Arlington Property Taxes four times in four years as a councilman!

Now this year he’s pointing to his radical reassessment nobody supports in an attempt to shuffle the tax equation!

It will not work North Arlington!

Think about it.

How can you reduce Property Taxes when municipal spending is skyrocketing out of control on Dan Pronti’s watch?

More spending, more debt, more borrowing, more employees, salary hikes and promotions ultimately get passed on to you as homeowners and tenants!

It’s a simple question.

How can you reduce property taxes if spending continues to climb?

You can’t and it doesn’t.

In addition, Dan Pronti’s failed redevelopment policies will actually cost you more with additional residents seeking more services in the form of school and infrastructure costs.

Dan Pronti has had four years to get something done.

The hard truth is that he has failed homeowners and tenants alike.

Four years of promises and blaming others are just the same old excuses that don’t change anything or move NA forward!

On Tuesday November 7th vote the Murphy Democratic Team from top to bottom.

Dan Pronti is so out of touch he thinks Chris Christie has done a fantastic job and is now supporting his hand-picked successor!

Keep NA small, safe and suburban.

Elect Tom Zammatore and Kelly Velez.

The team who shares your values, the team on our side!


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