Editorial – The Race for the future of North Arlington has begun!

Democratic Mayoral Candidate Mark Yampaglia has set the tone for a positive, issue-oriented effort!

Mark Yampaglia the right choice for mayorThe kids are back to school.

The sun is setting a little earlier then the day before.

The trees seem to be embarking on a fall transformation and football is back in action for 2018!

The race for North Arlington Mayor began several months ago when Councilman Mark Yampaglia was doing the heavy lifting and listening by going door-to-door the old fashion way by greeting voters and finding out exactly what’s on their minds along with his running-mates Peter Massa and Josie Papile.

Either greeting voters at the Post Office or knocking on doors over the summer, local NA Democrats have set the tone of the campaign with a positive and inclusive message that North Arlington needs to be unified to be even better and that North Arlington also needs to remain small, safe and suburban.

Councilman Mark Yampaglia, who is seeking to become North Arlington’s new Mayor has been frank with a specific set of goals and objectives that residents and voters are seemingly excited about:

· A comprehensive overall redevelopment strategy that breaks down and implements specific initiatives for Schuyler Avenue, River and Ridge Road.

· The renovation of the Senior Center.
Redevelopment on Schuyler Ave, Ridge Road, and River RoadRenovate the North Arlington Senior Center
· The construction of pocket parks along River Road and implementation of a walking and biking path along the Passaic River that links the Arlington Diner to Riverside County Park.

· The placement of a permanent Farmer’s Market and extended opportunities for ride share and biking along Ridge Road in the summer months.

· A comprehensive overhaul of snow removal, as well as a study that evaluates North Arlington’s current density, traffic and parking challenges for all residents.

· A commitment to North Arlington’s public schools that creates a municipal partnership with parents, students and administrators.
Construct a walking and bike path along River RoadCreate pocket parks around North ArlingtonCreate a permanent Farmer’s Market
· Support for first-time home ownership versus more tenancy and multiple dwelling units.

· Elimination of metered parking along Ridge Road.

· Lobby for state legislation that guarantees a permanent revenue stream of PILOT’s (payments in lieu of taxes) with the Archdiocese of Newark for hosting cemetery and mausoleum operations.
Eliminate metered parking along Ridge RoadGuarantees a permanent revenue stream of PILOT’s (payments in lieu of taxes) with the Archdiocese of Newark for hosting cemetery and mausoleum operations
The Yampaglia plan is legitimate, detailed in scope and certainly within reach. It is for the first time a true blueprint of what needs to be done and how best to do it!

In contrast, incumbent Republican Joseph Bianchi has been quiet and seems comfortable running a low key effort.

While Bianchi has proven to be popular, where is his plan for a second term of office?

Meanwhile the two independents have been invisible and almost non-existent to date.

Neither was able to formulate a council ticket which leaves the probability of winning remote. Neither to date has raised any significant amount of money to compete and their campaigns seem to be typical of lackluster, third-party journeys to nowhere.

They appear more about being disgruntled then offering anything worth repeating.

Hopefully that might change.

Pete Massa, Josie Papile, Steve Tanelli, Mark Yampaglia

In clear contrast local Democrats have put together arguably the most impressive council team in sometime.

In former school trustee, councilman and Mayor Peter Massa, a Commissioner with the Bergen County Utilities Authority (BCUA), he has been aligned with NAHS graduate and CFO Josie Papile, an expert in finance in her current capacity with Paragon Sports with a long and distinctive career in the active apparel industry.

Both Massa and Papile are homeowners and advocates to the proposition North Arlington can do better and they have a plan that makes sense for North Arlington.

A Democratic win would place North Arlington in cooperation with Democrats who control the state as well as Bergen County. Natural alignments with Governor Phil Murphy who has endorsed Yampaglia make a logical alliance North Arlington needs to move forward on the ambitious Yampaglia agenda.

Appointed twice and elected four times, Mark Yampaglia has the temperament, resume and qualifications to lead North Arlington in a meaningful way.

A practicing attorney with an office in Rutherford, Mark is a former municipal defender who played varsity baseball at NAHS while graduating from FDU as well as The Touro School of Law.

All three Democrats are college graduates and two have advanced degrees.

This is a team ready and able to serve North Arlington come January 1, 2019.

A campaign about issues and challenges is always preferred over negative ranting and unreasonable rhetoric.

Elections do matter.

In this case voters have been offered a truly competent and qualified ticket in Yampaglia, Massa and Papile.

We look forward to a spirited contest that ends with Democrats reassuming the majority come that first Tuesday in November.

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