Kerry Ann Cruz Resigns at North Arlington Meeting!

Kerry Ann Cruz

Kerry Ann CruzKerry Ann Cruz Mystery Resignation!

Mayor Joe Bianchi claims he knows nothing.

How about Dan Pronti?

He knew nothing either?

Nobody knows anything?

The NA GOP majority is now reduced to one.

Does this set off a another special election for the remainder of her term?

Who will the GOP County Committee appoint in the interim?

Will they select as her replacement the very candidate who was rejected by the voters just 10 months ago?

The NA GOP majority is collapsing under the weight of more taxes, more borrowing and no redevelopment!

NORTH ARLINGTON ­- In an unexpected move, Councilwoman Kerry Ann Cruz Hamilton stepped down effective immediately at Thursday’s council meeting.

Citing personal reasons, Hamilton announced her departure toward the end of the meeting when council members reported on their liaison responsibilities.

Council members and Mayor Joseph Bianchi seemed surprised by the announcement.

“I had no idea,” Bianchi said after the meeting.

Hamilton thanked her fellow council members, as well as those in attendance.

“It has been a pleasure to be up here with everyone I sat with,” she said.

Hamilton, a Republican, was first elected in 2014. She has served as liaison to the Board of Education, the business district, the grant committee and the Passaic River Coalition.

Councilman Dan Pronti wished her well and Bianchi added that he would miss her.

Afterward, Hamilton reiterated her departure was based on personal reasons and said she had not planned on running for council again.

“I’m just having some personal issues, things like moving and I’m changing my regular job so it is really just personal reasons,” she said.

She wished the council best of luck and said that North Arlington residents have always been very supportive.

“They have nothing to worry about because they are in great hands,” Hamilton said.

The council will now appoint someone to fill her seat. Her term is up in this year. Marijo (Mario) Karcic Jr. is running for her seat in the November election. Read More at

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