Councilman Mark Yampaglia, the Democratic nominee for Mayor has issued the following statement regarding the current status of the municipal campaign for Mayor & Council:

I was moved by the depth of the sympathy and condolences displayed yesterday at his funeral services and just how many people admired his life and love of North Arlington.

The celebration of this good man is what matters right now.

That was the right thing to do for North Arlington.

I will not comment on the actions of the North Arlington Republican Party until that particular litigation has been exhausted.

Clearly, this situation has been disturbing, disruptive and confusing to the democratic process and once this has been all sorted out, we will move forward.

We are clearly in uncharted waters and my concern is with the voters and hopefully there will be an appropriate and speedy resolution.”

Campaign Update:

The campaign for Mark Yampaglia will commence once again on Thursday with a cocktail reception at La Venere beginning at 7 PM and all NA Democrats and supporters are invited to attend!

La Venere is located at Schuyler Avenue and tickets can be purchased at the door.