In 16 Days, Over 6,000 Visits to the New NAToday Website!

NAToday Website


The NAToday website news source that provides the information North Arlington really wants to talk about has exploded back online. The newly re-launched website had 903 visitors yesterday placing its overall reach to 6,262 visitors in just two weeks!

With 2,314 of those visits provided by its sister Facebook page, the presence and power of NA Today is being felt as it provides news and information you can’t get anywhere else!

“NAToday is providing real news about the urbanization of North Arlington, the impending parking crisis, and the continued increase in Property Taxes by Mr. Pronti and Mr. Karcic as well as keeping residents informed on other news, sports and community happenings. It is questioning and revealing both sides of the issues to the consternation of the current incumbents seeking reelection in this testy and close council race,” noted one avid reader of the site.

In just sixteen short days, there were 6,262 overall reader visits of which 4,156 unique visitors to NA Today returned another 2,106 times for borough information. Thus far, that’s 260 unique visitors over per day and 447 overall visitors per day in the same time period!

Given the immediate popularity of the site, the numbers will only continue to grow!

Organically, the new site has once again become one of the top news information sources for North Arlington. Any local business; or someone seeking to promote an event or service would be wise to tap into the power of NA Today! Use the “Contact Us” page on this website to suggest news stories. Or NAToday would love to partner with you to promote your community event in North Arlington.

The combination of the sister NAToday Facebook Page and NAToday Website is a powerful platform that is independent of the status quo and unafraid!

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