With the appointment of Councilman Kirk Del Russo, local Republicans currently enjoy a 4-2 majority over the Democrats with a Republican Mayor in Dan Pronti.

Now local Republicans are asking residents for control of every single seat on the Governing Body and to eliminate any Democratic presence on the Mayor and Council.

That might be good for local Republicans, but is that good for North Arlington?

The answer is no.

When there are more registered Democrats then Republicans, is it democratic to eliminate participation to just partisan Republicans?

The local Republicans have a clear majority and could do pretty much whatever they want.

Why would they ask voters for every seat?

Why this need to be so politically greedy?

Does North Arlington want this kind of monopoly, this kind of stranglehold on local government managed by just a few?

With Del Russo’s seat now in play, Democrats could pick-up one more and we could have an even amount of Democrats and Republicans with Mayor Pronti casting a tie-breaking vote.

That would be reasonable and fair. An open discussion on the issues facing NA.

What possible reason could Republicans dream up to make the case for a 7-0 majority with no accountability or transparency?

Moreover, Councilman Mark Yampaglia is expected to seek reelection to
a fifth-term.

There is no one the Republicans could run that comes close to the experience and bipartisan approach Mr. Yampaglia offers voters. In fact Yampaglia defeated Del Russo in 2011.

Democrats and Republicans vote together most of the time, if not all of the time in North Arlington.

There is no Democratic or Republican way to clean streets, provide public safety and both Democrats as well as Republicans can claim credit for the good things happening in the community.

Even more important is the fact there are no Republicans representing North Arlington at the county, state or federal levels.

In many ways Mayor Pronti and the Republicans are an island to themselves with no allies at any level of government.

That is bad news for North Arlington.

It’s bad news when it comes to federal, state and county assistance to have a Mayor & Council with no partnerships or connections to these important political platforms.

North Arlington needs responsible two-party government and reliable elected officials like Councilman Mark Yampaglia who work in a bipartisan basis!

Don’t give any political party an unbridled monopoly on your local government.

There is nothing seven Republicans can do that the five already in office can’t provide already!

Ensure two parties represent NA, not a select few with little or no experience actually running local government.

Experience matters and so does a two-party process that offers checks and balances for taxpayers and residents alike.

The next time a Republican tells you they need to control every aspect of local government, ask them why?

This is a question they cannot and will not answer!