Queen of Peace: GOP should no longer keep residents in the dark.

Queen of PeaceNA Today accurately predicted that the local Republicans did not have a plan for Queen of Peace, or still choose not to share it with the public.

Tragically, this property is so important and valuable that a discussion as to its future needs to occur.

There are some who believe the North Arlington Board of Education should lease or purchase the property.

But is that the best use of prime real estate literally in the center of North Arlington?

Here is the one time where the new construction of single-family homes should be investigated.

New residents making an investment in the community adds value and property assessments all at the same time!

New home construction of single-family properties would increase the value of every existing and surrounding home. North Arlington would have the opportunity to reconfigure this area in a positive way versus slapping up more apartment dwellings along Ridge Road that only intensifies density, adds traffic congestion and additional costs to public education.

What is the more logical route?

Urban, or suburban?

Adding hundreds of new units of tenants or adding dozens of new homes in a community that hasn’t seen that kind of economic development in decades?

Residential home construction or this continued proliferation of multiple-family dwellings?

Which way, NA?

Having some government entity expand its footprint and add permanent new expenditures annually further agitating North Arlington homeowners in the form of even higher property taxes?

Like EnCap in the past, this opportunity should not be squandered or hastily decided. Nothing should be predetermined and sold without an honest discussion.

Public hearings should be held and the Mayor and Council needs to offer credible alternatives and proposals that have the opportunity to be vetted, reviewed and considered.

Transparency is essential.

It’s time residents no longer be kept in the dark.

What is the best economic deal for homeowners and taxpayers alike?

Just what is being proposed and what will the public support?


North Arlington leaders are speaking out against the Archdiocese of Newark, saying they are being left out of redevelopment plans at the shuttered Queens of Peace High School.

When the high school closed in June, members of the North Arlington Borough Council thought the building could be taken over by the Board of Education. They believed it could be turned into a new middle school that would relieve overcrowding at the public schools.

The fate of the building, however, is up to the archdiocese.

Councilman Dan Pronti told News 12 that he felt “steamrolled” by the archdiocese after receiving calls from developers about what could be built at the site of the high school.

News 12 was told that the archdiocese said the council could not afford the lease.

In response, the archdiocese spokesman Jim Goodness says, ideally, it would remain a school.

“I understand that there was a request for proposal that was sent out and we’re awaiting those final proposal offers from several developers,” said Goodness. “At this point, nothing is decided, there is no plan in place right now until we actually see what the next steps can be based on the proposals.”

Any proposal for Queen of Peace will need Planning and Borough Council approval.

The Newark Archdiocese says the proposals from developers on the Queen of Peace site are expected to be completed in early December.

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