Massa, Yampaglia, Papile Small, Safe, & Suburban North Arlington

As the days are long and the temperature increases, North Arlington Councilman Mark Yampaglia continues his search for votes and support in the streets of North Arlington.

“We just received our walking cards and I’m quite happy the way they came out. We have 5000 to distribute between now and Election Day,” said the optimistic Yampaglia who is looking to unseat first-term incumbent Joe Bianchi.

Yampaglia, a practicing attorney and four-term councilman seeks to become just the fourth Democratic mayor since the election of Ed Martone who defeated GOP incumbent Ernest T. Cerone by landslide proportions in 1978, some forty years ago.

Yampaglia is coupled with running-mates Pete Massa and Josie Papile, a first-time candidate for public office and expert in finance. Papile is the CFO with Paragon Sports in Manhattan, a leader in active apparel.

Massa, the former mayor who served from 2007-2015 is now a Commissioner with the Bergen County Utilities Authority (BCUA).

Under Massa’s watch as chief executive property taxes were held to just a 2% increase from 2008-2009.

“I was proud that North Arlington ranked 21st out of 70 Bergen County municipalities for the lowest property taxes. The average North Arlington tax bill was 18% lower than the county average,” noted Massa.

“North Arlington is getting great reviews and tremendous national press. In 2010 North Arlington was named in the top 20% of all places to live in New Jersey by NJ Monthly Magazine in the January/February issue and I was very proud of that recognition,” said this year’s council hopeful.

“We had some real accomplishments and results. We stopped Encap, obtained some $5 million dollars in county, state and federal grants while recovering $250,000 in lost fees from our cable provider. We renovated the Library, the Little League field as well as Alan and Macaluso Park while paving 18 different streets during my first four years as mayor,” said the lifelong resident and retired NAPD officer.

NA Democrats are cautiously optimistic.

“This is a strong ticket. We have good ideas and the right credentials & resume that will get North Arlington to the next level. We will continue to work hard and get the word out. We’re only in the first quarter of a four quarter campaign,” said Yampaglia.

To contact Councilman Mark Yampaglia reach him on his cell phone at (201) 602-2612.

Mark Yampaglia for Mayor of North Arlington

Yampaglia, Massa, & Papile working to keep North Arlington Small, Safe, & Suburban.