More Wasteful Spending Thanks to NA Councilman Dan Pronti

Dan Pronti

Dan ProntiApparently the Borough of North Arlington doesn’t have one PR firm, but two thanks to Dan Pronti!

Despite this plethora of public relations prowess, how much are these municipal contracts costing taxpayers?

Dan Pronti claims to be for homeowners, but he he’s raised Property Taxes four times in four years and will raise taxes seven times in seven years if he’s reelected!

Now Pronti is attacking NA Democrats for saying “no” to higher taxes and more spending!

This “so-called conservative” has raised taxes over, and over, and over again! He thinks “rubber stamping” these spending sprees, raises and promotions is what the homeowner wants!


In his entire time as a Councilman he has failed to reduce spending a single nickel while apparently soliciting borough employees to attend his political fundraisers!

Hudson County politics.

Pronti Style!

Hey Dan, when was the last time you went door to door and listened to taxpayers?
Do you speak to struggling seniors and families who demand tax relief?
Dan Pronti represents all that is wrong with local government.

A retired government employee who does not care about homeowners, but rather the “Status Quo” that is bankrupting taxpayers with more spending, borrowing, debt and higher taxes!

Send Dan a message come Election Day!