Zammatore: High Density Housing, Taxes and Our Senior Citizens!

North Arlington GOP Taxes

Former Councilman Tom Zammatore articulates with great clarity the need to stray away from high density housing and look to other alternatives for stabilizing North Arlington’s Tax Rate. A councilman from 2013-2015, Mr. Zammatore is seeking a seat back on the Governing Body with his running-mate, Kelly Velez. A graduate of Villa Nova University, Zammatore is an attorney by profession.

Dear Editor:

North Arlington GOP TaxesI read with some concern the story in the June 23, 2016 edition of the South Bergenite about the proposal by the developer Meridia to construct a four-story apartment building with 160 units on the old PSE&G substation building in North Arlington near the intersection of Belleville Turnpike and Schuyler Avenue and behind the CVS Pharmacy. Since it is my understanding that this property is in the Porete Avenue Development Zone, this proposal would have to come before the mayor and council sitting as the Redevelopment Authority for approval. I would urge the North Arlington Council not to succumb to the temptation of this “quick fix” to our redevelopment needs to approve yet another high-density multi-unit residential complex to add further congestion to our already overburdened elementary schools, streets and municipal infrastructure.

As I believe we are already top-heavy with residential development, we need to dedicate our remaining available space in the Porete Development Zone to expanding our stock of commercial properties, whether retail, warehousing or trucking, with a light footprint upon our municipal services. Otherwise, I would like to see the local governing body look into the availability of federal HUD grant money to acquire the old substation for subsidized housing for our retired senior citizens on fixed incomes who do not want to leave North Arlington but can no longer afford the property taxes on their homes.

Tom Zammatore
North Arlington