New Flyer Big Hit With NA Voters!

Yampaglia campaigns on new ideas and community unity as his candidacy is surging with voters!

Every North Arlington household received the Democratic Party’s agenda for an even better and unified NA yesterday as Councilman Mark Yampaglia, Peter Massa and Josie Papile got back to business in wake of the passing of Mayor Joe Bianchi last week.

Yampaglia’s agenda for North Arlington included the following proposals:

· Bike and running paths at the Passaic Riverfront that would connect the Arlington Diner to Riverside County Park in Lyndhurst.

· New pocket parks, community gardens and Farmer’s Market during the spring and summer.

· Elimination of metered parking along Ridge Road and new strategies to increase parking, reduce density and traffic throughout North Arlington.

· New Redevelopment proposals for Schuyler Avenue and Ridge and River Roads.

· Renewed partnerships with our public schools.

· PILOT’s (Payments in lieu of Taxes) with the Archdiocese of Newark for hosting over 250,000 graves at Holy Cross Cemetery.

· A renewed commitment to Public Safety.

· Improving snow and leaf removal.

· Promoting new residential homes versus a proliferation of multiple-dwellings that place a stress on essential services, especially our public schools.

“We’re running a positive campaign with new ideas that will work and bring North Arlington together and I don’t care who gets the credit. This is an issue-oriented campaign that ignores the petty politics and silly accusations. We will leave the conspiracy theories to those who really have nothing to say or offer the community,” noted Democratic Chairman Nick Antonicello.

“Only one campaign is offering ideas and proposals. Only one campaign is going door to door. Only one campaign is canvassing and raising money and engaging voters. That is the campaign of Yampaglia, Massa and Papile.”

Democrats will continue to walk door to door and if you would like to speak with the candidates, please call (201) 937-4277.

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