Mark Yampaglia


North Arlington – As the dog days of summer approach with many residents on vacation or getting away for the weekend, Councilman Mark Yampaglia continued his door-to-door trek for supporters in his quest to become North Arlington’s next mayor.

Taking a water break, Yampaglia assessed today’s efforts.

“I reached about 150 houses today and if no one is home, I leave a brief letter, absentee ballot form and my card should they want to contact me. I also have a letter that outlines my agenda and platform to move North Arlington in a better direction,” said the mayoral candidate.
Yampaglia started the day at 6:30 AM setting up his booth at the North Arlington Post Office at Ridge Park Drive and greeted voters and residents till about 10:45 AM and then started walking those blocks and streets below Schuyler Avenue.

Yampaglia was asked what is on the mind of voters.

“Property Taxes, no question about it,” offered the candidate.

“Last year when we walked property taxes were not really a big issue. But people who received a slight decrease last year saw an increase this year and that was interesting to me.”

What kind of reaction is Yampaglia getting?

“It’s very receptive and cordial. Many people offer water and invite me in to have a more personal discussion. Some tell me straight out they are with me and that’s always encouraging. Almost everyone is polite and that’s greatly appreciated. I’ve run many times locally so most people have heard of me and know who I am and we can talk about concerns they have such as traffic, especially along Schuyler,” noted Yampaglia.

Why go door to door?

“People want to meet their elected officials and candidates. In a small town like North Arlington you need to make that commitment and I enjoy it. You learn more in the streets knocking on doors then in any other scenario. People are free to speak their mind and offer me counsel and advice as well.”

Are you going to win?

“It’s way too early to make any predictions or assessments, but I have received a very positive response and they are open to my message. Constructing a bike and walking path along River Road is very popular. Renovating the Senior Center resonates. People want more open space in the form of pocket parks and dog parks too. The idea of a Farmer’s Market is also something people seem to think is a good idea as well,” offered the four-term councilman.

Why walk on a hot day?

“I want to win. I want people to know I’m committed not just to winning the election, but letting them know I’m accessible and accountable. No stone will be left unturned and no matter what the results I’ll know I gave it everything I had,” noted Yampaglia.

To contact Councilman Yampaglia, call (201) 602-2612